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Welcome to Tarjani Insurance

TARJANI Insurance Broking Private Limited is an Insurance conciliator company managed by professional managers comprising former professional employees of General Insurance and Life Insurance companies.

TARJANI is an IRDA licensed insurance broker having a direct broking code DB/438/09. Broker producer code is available with all the General Insurance and Life Insurance companies having their operations in India.

TARJANI advises clients on a wide range of insurance covers (including tailor-made) based on clients specific requirements. TARJANI has hands on experience in developing new insurance products to meet the unique requirements of corporate clients.

Insurance is an intangible product that promises future performance. There is an information gap between the insurer and the customer that needs to be bridged in a fair manner. The sheer variety of insurance products available and the hassles of claims processing can confound the best professional. This necessitates the existence of Insurance Brokers to bring more order and transparency to the insurance sector.

Previously the Premium rates and policy terms and conditions were fixed by Tariff Advisory Committee. Tariff stands in the way of brokers giving lower rates, wider choice of product and choice of insurers to their clients. But as of January, 2007 all such pricing controls have been removed and your premiums now depend on the risk that needs to be covered.

In this scenario, TARJANI become important as we evaluate your risks, take quotations from various insurance companies and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal and take complete claims responsibility.

IRDA Insurance Broking License Code : DB 438/09.