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Valuation of Assets

Asset valuation for insurance is different from the standard accounting practices and TARJANI advises on these special insurance valuation features which have a considerable bearing on the premium outgo and on the extent of monetary recovery in the event of claim.

Valuation of Assets is carried out on Different Purposes such as:

  • Adequacy of Sum Insured for Insurance Purpose
  • Funding from Financial Institutions
  • Scheduling of Asset Replacement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

Safety Audit & Risk Inspection
A comprehensive study of all the likely exposures due to electrical faults, storages, and other hazards associated with the industries. Safety Audit is a statutory requirement under the Factories Act. Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) have developed a code for Occupational Health and Safety called IS 14489. Tarjani has expertise in auditing for the requirements of this questionnaire.

Risk Evaluation and Transfer Mechanism 
Risk Evaluation shall comprise Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation and Risk Minimization. Based on Risk Evaluation, Risk Retention and Risk Transfer mechanism shall be developed. In other words what, when, how much, why and where to insure shall be addressed under Risk Transfer.