Electronic Equipment or Computers

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In today’s day and age, technology is the backbone of most businesses. It is hence critical for companies to evaluate the risks that their electronic equipment, computers or other data-carrying machinery may be exposed to, and to take suitable steps to protect them.

To begin with, these electronic equipment and their accessories are generally exposed to accidental physical loss or damage. Apart from this, they may also be exposed to breakdown which, in turn, may be caused due to electrical failures and faults, handling defects, overheating, voltage fluctuations, etc.

With companies relying so heavily on their computers and other electronic equipment to carry out their daily business, any interruption in their work following loss, damage or breakdown of equipment can have serious financial implications for them. This form of consequential loss is generally caused due to a reduction in turnover following loss or damage to computer systems, increased cost of working, standing costs and cost of reinstating the lost data.

A suitably designed Electronic Equipment Policy or Computer All Risks Policy can cover these risks.