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  • What would your services as an insurance broker cost us? 
    Good as it sounds… Absolutely nothing !.
    As per ‘Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority’ guidelines, our remuneration is to be made by concerned Insurance Company.
  • Why should we appoint you as our insurance broker when we can deal directly with the insurance company?
    There are a number of insurance companies which operate in the India. Each of them differ vis-à-vis their pricing, products offered, areas of strength, and last but not the least, quality of the security.For someone not dealing with the insurance market on a day to day basis the array of choices is bewildering and often the best option available may not be selected. As a very simple example, an insurer who is very good at Marine Cargo Insurance may not be the best for, say, a Property Insurance or Life Insurance product.As your insurance broker we can assist you in getting the best options available. Also see “Why do you need an insurance broker?” and “Why choose Tarjani Insurance?” For the benefits offered, please also see “Scope of Service”.
  •  Do you deal with all types of Insurances?
    We can assist you in arranging all types of insurance policies. This applies on both the Life and Non-Life insurance policies. Please also see “Services Offered”.
  • What assistance can you provide us with, in the event of a claim?
    We will be fully involved in the event of there being a claim under your insurance policy arranged through us. We can assist in preparation of the necessary documentation for submitting your claims. We will also be involved in liaising with the insurance company; loss adjusters, surveyors, carriers, and other involved third parties on your behalf.Please also see “Claims”.
  • How do we get started?
    Get in touch with us by e-mail, phone or fax. Our nominated representative will then get in touch with you.
  • Which insurance companies do you deal with?
    As an IRDA Licensed broker, we are authorized to deal with any insurance company operating in the Indian market. Specialized policies not available locally are sourced occasionally from international markets.
  • Can you deal with an insurance company of our choice?
    Though it may be possible to restrict the options available, in certain cases, we generally do not have any problems in dealing with a company of your preference. If it were an insurance company you are dealing with, the insurance company would ask us for a letter of authority from you authorizing us to act as your broker.
  • How can you assist us if we already have insurance cover in place?
    Insurance policy wordings are constantly evolving and it is possible that improvements can be made on the existing covers. There may also be hitherto uninsured areas that you are not fully aware of. There also could be possibilities of achieving savings on the premium. Once we are appointed your brokers, we can undertake to conduct a risk exposure review and current insurance document audit to ensure that your current policies are adequate for your exposures.If you have any other queries, please get in touch with us by tarjaniinsurance@gmail.com.