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What is Insurance?

Insurance is neither an investment nor a Tax savings plan. No one can be profited out of Insurance. Objective is to put the insured in the same position as he was just before the loss due to any fortuitous event.

What can be Insured?

All Physical Properties, Loss of Production, Fire Loss of Profit, Machinery Breakdown, Domestic and Foreign debts, Financial claims by third party arising out of fortuitous event can be insured.

Loss of Future Income in the event of early death, Living out of income at retirement, Future Medical Expenses and Overseas (Travel) Medical Expenses can be insured.

Insurance has been occupying back seat till date because
Most of the time, benefits are only perceived and cannot be expressed in monetary terms. Refuse to learn from neighbour’s predicament, believe that worst will not happen to them and Relying too much on past experience without giving due importance to   the changing scenario in terms of technical, socio and political factors and so on.

Now there is a need to change because

People who have become victim of the indifference suffered heavily could not come out of the same. Any entrepreneur would like to concentrate on his business and ensure that all the facilities, which support him, to generate his income are well protected. As well as any legal exposures which he may be exposed to are well taken care so that his revenues are not unduly affected by happening of unfortunate events.