Diversified Insurance Services
An Array of Insurance Services.

Credit Insurance

It insures exporters from losses that may arise from a variety of commercial and political risks inherent in all export transactions.


  • Credit Insurance enhances exporters capacity to compete in the international markets and enables them to enter into new markets, introduce new products and take up new buyers.
  • It helps exporters to meet the requirements of commercial banks extending export credit.
  • The insurance covers enable the banks to extend timely and adequate export credit facilities to the exporters.
  • The premium rates are kept at the optimal level.


  • Insolvency of the buyers
  • Protracted default and non-acceptance of exported goods.
  • Insolvency and protracted default of the N/C issuing bank.
  • Political risks such as war and civil disturbance.
  • Moratorium
  • Imposition of new import or exchange control regulations.
  • Transfer delays.

In India, the DICGC is in charge of protecting the interests of depositors when a bank fails.